DIY Macrame Tiered Plant Hanger Tutorial

Macrame has been all the rage this Summer but they can be expensive for the tiered plant hangers and if I'm being honest, at first glance, they look out of my difficulty level comfort zone of "easy" - but with a little instruction, they're not that hard to make.  

Don't let the knots fool you!  I always said that one of the reasons I could never be on Survivor is because I can't get a knot out of anything if my life depended on it. It's embarrassing and I know I've lost major mom points because of it but knots are my nemesis.  But not this time. I'm coming in hot, ya'll.  Now let's get our macrame on!



  • 3 plants of your choice, I chose succulents because they're less maintenance 
  • Clothes line/Rope
  • Potting soil
  • 3 plant pots (the lighter the better)
  • hook- to hang your finished product in a sunny spot
  • spade
    • gloves- optional if you want pretty date night fingernails

Step 1:  Cutting

  • Begin by cutting 6 strands of rope all the same length. Your length will depend on how low you want your plants to hang. We did two and a half arm lengths for our hanger.
  • Once you have your 6 strands, tie all of them together by making one large knot. This will be the very bottom of your plant hanger.

Step 2: Knotting

  • After tying the first knot separate the three strands into groups of 2. This will be what holds the bottom of your first pot. Measure the bottom of your pot by placing its center on the original, first knot.
  • Next, proceed to tie three knots around the outer edge of the pot that will hold and stabilize it.

Step 3:  Fitting

  • Once your pot is snug inside of the bottom 3 knots, separate the knots, once more, into groups of 3 with the coorisponding strings from the other knots. (This sounds much more complicated than it truly is.) Basically, make a large triangle.
  • Measure the height of your pot against the sides of the rope. Make 3 knots with the rope at the top edge of your pot. (Wait until after you have made all of your knots before you transplant the plants into their pots. This makes measuring your pot with the rope much easier.)

(This is what your rope should look like at this point in the game. Hang in there.)


Step 4: Knotting & Repeat

  • Once you have fit your first pot snugly into your first 3 rounds of knots, simply remove your pot and repeat those steps 2 more times.
  • After you have measured and tied all of your knots, make one loop knot at the top so you can hang your planter.

Step 5: Planting

  • Now for the fun part! Transplant your wee little plant babies into their new, happy homes. *MAKE SURE, if using succulents, use the potting soil made specifically for cacti and succulents. It isn't hard to find at most garden centers and throw some rocks in the bottom and around the top for good drainage. 
  • Other fun options would be a bush ivy that will drape as it grows, or you can put some pops of color in them to reflect the season.  Bright yellow or orange mums, coral zinnias, or bright fuchsia petunias! 


Step 6: Assembling

  • Once your plants have all been transplanted the assembling process may commence. This part is somewhat tricky. If you already have your hook ready in the wall or ceiling this will make the assembly much easier.
  • Hang your rope by the hook and gently insert each pot into its little rope nook.