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Quinn's Flower Arrangement Contest Entry

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This Fall at Quinn’s elementary school there was a contest and kids could enter all kinds of forms of art from poems, dances, photography, drawings and paintings- you name it, it was enterable.

flower arrangement by kid

Of course my mini me decided she was going to do a flower arrangement and I was not so secretly thrilled by her decided upon entry manner. So I ordered her flowers and when the day arrived for her to create this masterpiece, I was a mixed bag.

The mom in me was cheering her on, letting her do her own thing while the florist in me was biting my lip and shoving my hands in my pockets because this was her original art and I was not allowed to mess with it.

I have to say, I think she did really great for a 5 year old! And mom definitely gave her a couple of pointers but I cut the stems and she placed and arranged every stinkin’ last one of them, y’all.

I might even hire her someday!

Sadly, I don’t think the judges see the value in this art form YET… but we’re going to slowly work them down because fresh flower arranging is an art.

kids making flowers
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Preppy Pastel Vineyard Wedding

Nothing aggravates me more than something that's completely unrealistic.  Which is why I don't trust most eyebrow pencils, robot vacuum cleaners, and dare I say, some wedding magazine shoots. 

I get that sometimes, photo shoots sole purpose is to be inspirational.  We all need to keep thinking forward and away from the mason jar but too much unrealistic can leave me feeling like what I'm going to have will never be good enough- and that's not cool.

So, today, I'm sharing another one of Petal's real life weddings.  Erica and David's wedding was magical, with all the gathered sheer drapery, rolling hills of glistening grape vines, and flowers EVERY WHERE to show you:

  1.  that real life is beautiful
  2.  something realistic and obtainable and not a fancy limitless budget photo shoot
  3.  you don't need to own land with oil on it to be able to afford it

It was put together by a beautiful bride who knows how to pick some of my favorite vendors.  Kim Newton- Wedding planner

 Sam Stroud Photography- Photographer 

Veritas Vineyard- Venue 

Yours truly- Flowers 

Winery Wedding
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Vineyard Wedding Ceremony
Simple floral wedding arch
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drapery wedding reception
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drapery wedding reception