Meet our Intern

Meet Santara.  She's our new Intern at Petal and we think she's great.  Here's our top reasons why we already love her:

- She looks like a Disney princess.

- She has a molasses thick southern accent that's simply charming.

-  She likes to clean.  Which is great when you're an intern at a flower shop because all we do is bleach buckets, and vases, and dump out stinky water and fill it with clean pretty water...then repeat that 50 times in one weekend and do some weightlifting and you're halfway there to being a florist.

-She works quietly and we like to get in "the zone" and she respects "the zone".  Chatty Cathy's are my favorite people in the world and in fact, I'm the chattiest of all the Cathy's, however, no Cathy's in "the zone".  She gets it.  We love her.

Here are 10 little snippets about Santara to get to know her a bit better:

My name is Santara  (San-tear-uh) - Just in case you need it.

  1. My favorite color is white because it makes me feel clean and represents complete purity.
  2. I love rabbits. Some people are dog people, some cat people. I am a rabbit person, whatever that means.
  3. I had the honor and privilege to be raised by my great-grandparents and great-aunt and uncle for the majority of my childhood. I have a huge heart for the elderly because of them.
  4. I spent this past summer helping plant a church in western Colorado. It was absolutely stunning. I am thoroughly convinced, if humanly possible, everyone should climb a 14,000 ft. mountain.
  5. I never missed a single day of school, K-12.
  6. I have walked across Abby Road.
  7. I saved my graduation robe so I could dress up as Harry Potter.
  8. I just finished reading “7” by Jen Hatmaker. Everyone should read this book. Everyone. 
  9. My favorite food is anything with spinach and mushrooms on it.
  10. And finally, I developed a love for all things floral when I started drying flowers with my aunt. We would pick flowers from the bushes outside and press them in books. I started to notice the detail and delicacy of such a small piece of nature, and I was forever lost. They literally make every space a little more light and free.

You can keep up with Santara and watch her develop as a flower designer by following her on instagram @santaragreene